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Friday Five

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage

Millennial Women and Marriage

by Jennifer Murff

The Unique Contributions of Fathers to Child Health

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage

Change and Stability in How Couples Think About Divorce

by Alan Hawkins

‘I’m Not the Baby Daddy’

by David Lapp | @AmberDavidLapp

Obama’s Next Project Should Be Fatherhood

by W. Bradford Wilcox and Ronald B. Mincy

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

The Unacknowledged Worlds of Unmarried Fathers

by Rhonda Kruse Nordin

When to Seek Marriage Help: Relationship Red Flags

by Jason Whiting | @Jason_Whiting

Marriage Remains an Important Source of Life Satisfaction

by Laurie DeRose

The Family Implications of Premature Death in Rural America

by Amber Lapp | @AmberDavidLapp

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

UK Teens With Married Parents Have Higher Self-Esteem

by Harry Benson

Facilitating Father-Child Contact

by Joy Moses

Practical Tips to Help Parents Stop Yelling

by Justin Coulson | @justincoulson