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The Power of a Powerless Addict

by David Lapp | @AmberDavidLapp

The Benefits of Monthly Date Nights for Married Couples

by Harry Benson

The “Brangelina” Break-up: Shocking or Predictable?

by Melissa Langsam Braunstein | @slowhoneybee

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

Why I Choose the “Gold Standard” of Family Forms

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage

Five Steps to Becoming a Better Parent

by Justin Coulson | @justincoulson

Family-Focused Interventions Are Key to Social Change

by Kindra Heilpern

Don’t Overlook Marriage in the Fight to End Child Poverty

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

Why I Rejected Elizabeth Gilbert’s Vision of Life and Love

by Naomi Schaefer Riley | @NaomiSRiley

The Long Shadow of the Nurture Assumption

by Robert VerBruggen | @RAVerBruggen

The Link Between Family Background and Academic Success

by Anna Egalite | @annaegalite

How the Military Promotes Racial Equality and Marriage

by Anna Sutherland | @annams59

Married-Parent Families Predict Graduation Rates in Florida

by W. Bradford Wilcox and Nicholas Zill

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin