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Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

Conflict in Marriage Does Not Need to Be Destructive

by Jason Whiting | @Jason_Whiting

Most Immigrant Families Are Traditional Families

by Nicholas Zill

Religious Service Attendance, Marriage, and Health

by Tyler J. VanderWeele

Go Ahead, Congratulate the Newly Engaged!

by Melissa Langsam Braunstein | @slowhoneybee

Is Adoption on the Cusp of a Political Boost?

by Ashley McGuire

Counting the Cost of Youth Imprisonment

by Madison Peace | @madisonvpeace

Most U.S. Children Live With Two Married Parents

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

Can Couple and Relationship Education Increase Hope?

by Alan Hawkins

Post-Election: What if We Trust in Love, Not Fear?

by Amy Julia Becker | @amyjuliabecker

How Trump Won Their Trust

by Amber and David Lapp

Kids Need to Learn That Disappointment is Part of Life

by Naomi Schaefer Riley | @NaomiSRiley

Friday Five

by Bill Coffin | @billcoffin

Immigrant Births and Marriage

by Alysse ElHage | @AlysseElHage